Daily Letter to Trump | Day 2

ss-150928-supermoon-mbm-11_a89dd668aa88cc43e454b07af532aa1d-nbcnews-fp-1200-800It’s November 13, 2016. and the Earth is closer to the Moon than it has been in many decades. Some people forget to take a minute to look at the Moon. Others look and see no difference. Some use this as an occasion to wonder, explore and be in awe of the magnitude of the Universe.

Taking time to assess what is so and to inquire about your role moving forward is important. Time to heal, time to see how possibilities realign, and time to look at what you are responsible for and the possibility for a future that will not happen without your action.

The context of how you look at the moon (or your life for that matter) is the place where hope and action begin. I can simply not bother to remember or see. I look and see that everything is the same old thing. Or I see an opportunity to learn from others and be willing to shed what I think is true about the past as a predictor of the future. I can take action about the future; or keep it all in my head.

Let’s take on this opportunity to see something new and take action to be a part of its existence.

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