2023 Top 500 Consumer Lawyers in USA

Beth Klein Attorney

Beth Klein has been named again to the Lawdragon top 500 Consumer Lawyers in the United States. From Lawdragon

“Who else could bring those responsible for the scourge of opioids to account – wresting a settlement now topping $40B from drug manufacturers, distributors and a vast array of wrongdoers on behalf of cities, counties and others that suffered monstrous harm to the lives and well-being of their populations?

It’s attenuated, complicated, a jiu jitsu of force applied to Corporate America’s pain points.

. . . .

We’re mindful each year of how much these lawyers put themselves on the line. We research thousands of outstanding lawyers from throughout the U.S. who represent those injured or killed in everything from a devastating truck accident or medical misdiagnosis to the tens of thousands of injured in sprawling class actions and multidistrict litigation including opioids, 3M earplugs, Camp Lejeune litigation and so much more.

Lawyers for this guide are selected through our time-honed process of independent journalistic research and submissions. We are advocates for inclusion, and this guide is 35 percent female and 20 percent inclusive.

There are many heroes here, who will stand up for you and put their own resources on the line to get you justice.

Because it’s the right thing to do.”

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