Committed to A Kinder 2018

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney Blog
Beth Klein Boulder Attorney Blog

“Changing the world isn’t a result of knowledge, environment, genetics, or “superpowers”   It is simply the result of being in action.  In 2018, if you are committed to a kinder, better world,  get some “time to do good” on your calendar!  What gets set on a calendar gets done.   Consider how it might feel writing in your calendar your time to do good.   It might be more exciting  and joyful than scheduling anything else.

Waiting for the “one right, big enough” thing or waiting until you have the right degree, the right connections, or the right time, results in “Inaction.”  Inaction means everyone is missing out.

Consider that creating a kinder, better world is a practice that begins with committing two hours a week solely for “time to do good.”   “Time to do good” can be anything that contributes to kindness or making life better for others.  It can happen any time of the day or night, any day of the week.   It can be time spent with your family or anyone. (Parents, time to do good, includes quality time with your kids.)

Use the time to be with people, learn, and give.  The possibilities of what this time can be filled up with are infinite.  Design two fantastic hours of “time to do good,”  schedule and commit to the time, and enjoy the time.   Repeat.

Overachievers be aware that in a year there are 1,500 hours available for “time to to good:

104 weekend days

10-30 days of annual leave

2 hours every weekday evening

Set an intention in your calendar in your own words.  This will keep your ideas and action alive. Once a week ask yourself “what good you want to do,” and at the end of the week ask “what good you have done.”

I ask, who will start, and what will you do in your “time to do good?”   Will it be baking cookies for a neighbor, reading to a child, going for a run with a friend that needs some joy, volunteering, giving money or useful things to charity, teaching English, science, music or math to a vulnerable child by Skype, scheduling time to go on an indigo volunteer group , training leaders, saving animals?

In 2018 I have chosen to train and empower leaders.  I hope this is a good start.

Please share what you will do with your “time to do good” in the comments below.