Human Rights Work

IMG_5389Beth Klein’s Human Rights & Anti-Trafficking Work

Attorney Beth Klein was given the blessing of a legal education, and she decided to use law to improve lives above and beyond the typical practice of law. She began tackling the injustices of human trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable people. She represents exploited and victimized people in civil court, and works to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered. From her Boulder office, Beth Klein has written law for states and governments around the world – for free.

After the earthquake in Haiti, Beth Klein worked with the US Military, State Department, and hundreds of families who had adopted a child in Haiti. Beth Klein spearheaded a national effort to bring children to waiting parents in the United States.

In her office in Boulder Colorado, many of her cases involve the representation of children who are victims of sexual assault and human trafficking victims. She is personally committed to ensuring that her child clients have a voice and receive support and compensation to platform their future.  Her verdicts and settlements range from $2 Million to $7 Million and some are confidential.