Mueller Caught Some Witches.

I stand for the rule of law, and I demand that our government deal with investigations with even hands.  Too often, Trey Gowdy and members of the GOP in politically charged Congressional hearings have demanded that Mueller end his investigation because it’s tearing the country apart.  The GOP’ers beating the drum to stop the investigation have lost sight of the fact that the Russian investigation is not 100% about Trump.  It is about the assault of a foreign government on democratic institutions.

Good thing that Gowdy’s demands were ignored and the process continued.  Today, the witch hunt caught some witches.  I suspect there will be more.  In the meantime we have arrived in the Gertrude Stein – “there there.”

Read the indictment here:


We are Marching!

350 women attorneys are flying from Colorado to march in D.C. on January 21, 2017, and Beth Klein Boulder Attorney is preparing to be invigorated and inspired to stand up for the rights of all.  The buzz is that this march is expected to be one of the largest demonstrations in American history. The Women’s March now has almost 200 progressive groups, large and small, signing on as supporting partners. The issues they represent are as varied as the environment, legal abortion, prisoners’ rights, voting rights, a free press, affordable healthcare, gun safety, racial and gender equality and a higher minimum wage. Donald Trump’s ceremony may take a back seat to our protest.  I hope so.

I will be documenting the voices of the marchers and the event this week.  So please engage!

It’s never happened that so many people have gathered in opposition to a new administration on day one.

But it is the correct response to a man who has smashed decorum and frightened millions.