2023 Top 500 Consumer Lawyers in USA

Beth Klein Attorney

Beth Klein has been named again to the Lawdragon top 500 Consumer Lawyers in the United States. From Lawdragon

“Who else could bring those responsible for the scourge of opioids to account – wresting a settlement now topping $40B from drug manufacturers, distributors and a vast array of wrongdoers on behalf of cities, counties and others that suffered monstrous harm to the lives and well-being of their populations?

It’s attenuated, complicated, a jiu jitsu of force applied to Corporate America’s pain points.

. . . .

We’re mindful each year of how much these lawyers put themselves on the line. We research thousands of outstanding lawyers from throughout the U.S. who represent those injured or killed in everything from a devastating truck accident or medical misdiagnosis to the tens of thousands of injured in sprawling class actions and multidistrict litigation including opioids, 3M earplugs, Camp Lejeune litigation and so much more.

Lawyers for this guide are selected through our time-honed process of independent journalistic research and submissions. We are advocates for inclusion, and this guide is 35 percent female and 20 percent inclusive.

There are many heroes here, who will stand up for you and put their own resources on the line to get you justice.

Because it’s the right thing to do.”

A Beautiful Memory

Beth Klein, an attorney known throughout the world for her efforts to stop human trafficking; philanthropist Sue Anschutz-Rodgers; elite athlete Diane VanDeren;and breast cancer survivor Kerri Christiansen are the Denver Rescue Mission’s Women Who’ve Changed the Heart of the City for 2012.

They are to be honored at a tea taking place Sept. 14 at the Brown Palace Hotel. Tickets for the 3 p.m. event can be purchased online.

Born and raised in Colorado, Beth Klein graduated summa cum laude and second in her class at Truman University. After receiving a Rotary International scholarship to study in Ireland, Klein continued her education at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, where she was an editor for the Law Review.

After graduation, Klein used her legal expertise to tackle the injustices of human trafficking, representing victims in civil court to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered as a result of their enslavement. Most recently, Klein has taken on cases against military contractors accused of trafficking crimes abroad.

She also wrote Colorado’s anti-human trafficking laws.

Klein and her husband, Judge James C. Klein, are the parents of one son, Connor.


Beth Klein wins Lawyer of the Year three years in a row

Beth Klein, a Colorado lawyer, won lawyer of the year for the Boulder Colorado for the category of professional liability. This win is the third in a row. Beth has been I’m lawyer of the year for personal injury, products liability, and now professional liability.

This award comes in a year that Beth Klein secured $20 million in settlements for individual clients, one settlement in excess of $13 million alone.

Beth has been in practice since 1988. And continues to hold record setting verdicts in Colorado and Texas.

Attorney Beth Klein Wins Sunny Flowers Lifetime Achievement Award.

Beth Klein named to Top 500 Consumer Lawyers in the USA

One of six lawyers in the entire state of Colorado, attorney Beth Klein has been named to the to 500 Lawdragon list. TOP 500

“The remarkable 500 lawyers featured here are the warriors who fight the good fight for consumers who have been injured or had family killed through accidents, medical malpractice, faulty products or toxic exposure. They take on sexual predators and police and others who commit misconduct, grievously harming and killing individuals and trampling their civil rights. These lawyers stand up against the worst, seeking justice and providing hope.   

We selected these attorneys through nominations, research and review by a board of their peers. And, a sad nod of the head to 2021, which deprived lawyers of the ‘biggest verdicts and settlements of the year’ achievements in any significant numbers. So watch out for a blockbuster year or two ahead.

This year seemed a fitting time as well to honor an amazing and historic class of plaintiff lawyers who truly created the world of personal injury and plaintiff consumer lawyering as we know it today. You will see them recognized here (with past Plaintiff Consumer Hall of Fame members) denoted with an asterisk.

Those visionaries, of course, have created the playing field on which today’s leading trial lawyers work every day, fighting with every fiber of themselves to help people.”

Beth Klein Attorney

2021 Lawyer of the Year Award

We at Klein Frank, P.C. would like to formally congratulate our attorney Beth Klein for receiving the 2021 Lawyer of the Year Award from The Best Lawyers in America©. Each year, a single lawyer in each practice area and community is honored with a Lawyer of the Year Award – Beth was awarded for her work in professional malpractice law for plaintiffs in Boulder. This is a fantastic achievement.

Beth Klein Attorney

Our firm was also included in the 27th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© for our work in personal injury litigation, product liability litigation, and professional malpractice law for plaintiffs.

Receiving recognition from The Best Lawyers in America© depends entirely on peer review, meaning that the organization undergoes a rigorous screening process involving surveying colleagues to determine the quality of the professional abilities of lawyers and law firms. “Lawyer of the Year” is awarded to individual lawyers who have the highest overall peer-feedback for a specific practice area and geographic region. The organization recommends that nominees be in practice for 10 years or more to allow them time to build their reputations within their community and practice areas.

Our firm is honored to be recognized and would also like to extend our gratitude to our valued clients who give us opportunities every day to do what we love: help those in their time of need.

About Beth Klein Attorney

Beth Klein is an award-winning personal injury attorney who is recognized for her litigation skills in the state and throughout the country. Handling a variety of cases associated with personal injury litigation such as car accidents, product liability, and wrongful death, she is passionate about helping those who have been injured in accidents caused by negligence and carelessness. As a Board-Certified Trial Lawyer in Colorado, she prepares for each case as if it were going to trial tomorrow and has recovered millions of dollars for clients in settlements and verdicts, earning her inclusion into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®.

Beth has received numerous honors throughout her legal career, including the Women Who Changed the Heart of the City Award and the Georgia Imhoff Philanthropy Award. She was also the first woman featured on the cover of Colorado Super Lawyers® Magazine. Hear about Beth Klein’s commitment to helping individuals in The True Power of Attorney video below.

Beth Klein Attorney – Boy Survivors need our help.

Beth Klein Attorney on PBS Anti-Trafficking Report

I am so blessed to call Jerome Elam a friend and partner. Sadly, one pro-prostitution activist in Colorado has tried to make the argument that boys are not trafficked and there have been no seriously injured boys in Colorado. Join this discussion and learn from one of the strongest survivors I have ever known.


I hope this inspires you.


This will be part of a series called True Power of Attorney. My segment will be the season finale. I will focus on the power of honoring your word and the examples when I gave my word to extraordinary stands and agreements and the results.

Leadership can only occur when you honor your word. It is the only way people will trust and support your vision.

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney on TV

I hope this inspires you. https://twitter.com/bethkleinatty/status/1159644103832825856?s=21

This is just the trailer. But attorneys- not just in Boulder- or Colorado – can change the world. Beth Klein

Law.com article Beth Klein attorney boulder

See the extensive interview of Beth Klein Attorney and other lawyers who have been representing victims of human trafficking. https://www.law.com/thelegalintelligencer/2019/07/29/sex-trafficking-litigation-can-be-risky-for-both-attorneys-and-accusers/?slreturn=20190630203135

Join Boulder Attorney Beth Klein’s fight against human trafficking

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney and Colorado Anti-Human Trafficking Lawyer
Beth Klein Boulder Attorney and Colorado Anti-Human Trafficking Lawyer

Boulder, Colorado Attorney Beth Klein makes change and history in fight against human trafficking.

More than 125 local cops, doctors, teachers, philanthropists and citizens recently gathered for the biggest anti-human-trafficking conference ever held on Colorado’s Western Slope.  That one-day summit happened because Glenwood Springs Attorney Angela Roff asked Boulder Attorney Beth Klein to make it happen.

Beth Klein, a Boulder attorney has a history of making things happen: she wrote Colorado’s 2010 and 2011 anti-human trafficking laws. Former Governor Hickenlooper appointed her to the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Board, the body that established Colorado’s Child Abuse Hotline. She co-established the Frank Klein Foundation, which works in three areas: law, community empowerment and leadership development.

It was the Klein Frank Foundation that sponsored the recent anti-human-trafficking summit at CMC in Rifle, offering it for free to anyone who wanted to attend.  Law enforcement and prosecution teams traveled from Denver, Aurora, Ft. Collins, and Douglas County to share their knowledge.  A group of physicians from Valley View Hospital came; they wanted to learn the signs of victimization so that they could help patients. Five officers from the Rifle Police attended. A group of co-workers from Alpine Bank’s risk management division showed up; they wanted to be able to recognize how human traffickers arrange their financing.

Klein, says “anti-trafficking is really about creating a cohesive community where everyone cares for each other and no one is left out.” The law she wrote helps with that effort because it “allows us not just to go after the pimp, but the whole gang, the delivery driver, the hotels…”

Thanks to laws written by Beth, trafficking is defined not only as a criminal offense, but also a civil offense, one in which victims can sue for three times the amount of damages plus attorneys’ fees.  Over the years, Beth has represented “many, many clients”. She says, “Every single one, no matter how bad it was, they have gone through major transformations and have gone on to do amazing things.”

One former client has been elected to a city council. The last victim she represented, a 65-year-old woman who was kept chained as a work slave, won a $4.5 million legal judgment against the “Romeo pimp” who tortured and electrocuted her.

Klein explains that human trafficking here in Colorado generally takes two forms: traffic for the sex trade and migrant workers abused by agricultural firms. Local residents may not be aware of it, but law enforcement authorities across multiple states recognize I-70 as a human trafficking corridor. Because I-70 and I-25 cross in Colorado, Denver is a hotspot.

“I want people here in Carbondale to know that kids here are at risk,” says Klein. As we learned at the summit, trafficking typically happens when there are income disparities, when families are struggling to make ends meet. Their kids have problems and they wind up making dangerous choices to survive.”

“When a 14-year-old girl is getting picked up from school early, if she’s suddenly carrying around a Chanel bag in Carbondale, if she’s suddenly wearing clothing that’s not representative of her social status, that’s when you need to pay attention,” Klein explains.

“What you look for is kids in the wrong place at the wrong time; they’re not in school when they should be. Or if they’re in school, there’s been a dramatic change in behavior. They’re not the same as they were a year ago.”

The next two Klein Frank Foundation anti-trafficking conferences arebeing organized and will be held in Grand Junction and Cheyenne Wyoming. Those interested in donation, attending, or participating  in any fashion may call the Klein Frank Foundation at (303) 448-8884 and ask for Beth Klein.