Daily Letter to Trump Day One


Beginning today and for the duration of Trump’s presidency, I have decided to write and send a letter a day to Donald Trump. I want him to know each and every day now he affects my fellow Americans. I cannot allow this office holder the luxury of unawareness, and I will tell their stories to him.

As he watches the protests from the Trump Tower, he cannot see or hear why protesters are gathering around his residence and in many cities in the United States. And based upon his Twitter, he has no understanding why this is happening.

The protesters are gathering because they fear what the future holds under your administration, and this is a consequence of your words. And nothing has been said or done to assuage these fears.

A real leader would carefully chose his words and clearly set out his intention with integrity and authenticity .

Authenticity means being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself out to be for others, and who you hold yourself to be for yourself. When leading, being authentic leaves you grounded, and able to be straight without using force.

In order to be a great President, you must master being consistent with you hold yourself out to be for others and yourself. When this authenticity is missing, you cannot be grounded, straight, achieve goals without force or deception.

Reality TV does not prepare one for leadership; a celebrity is not the equivalent of being a leader – a person being responsible for a future. It is time to remove the mask of the TV villain and become an authentic leader. Until this happens more than 48% of the US voters will not trust you.

Our country’s future depends upon it.

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