Beth Klein Attorney

Beth Klein is a Boulder Attorney and native of Colorado. She graduated from Truman State University, summa cum laude. After receiving a Rotary International Scholarship to Ireland, Beth Klein continued her education through the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver, where she was an editor for the Denver Law Review.

Beth Klein Attorney Boulder parlayed her legal expertise into an immensely successful career. She began her practice with a trial firm and became the first woman national trial attorney for Owens Corning in the asbestos litigation four years after graduation from DU. Although based in Boulder, Colorado Beth Klein, from 1993 to 1999 she tried cases across the United States against some of the most skilled trial lawyers in America. And she won many trials in jurisdictions including Texas, Illinois, Missouri, California.

Beth Klein Boulder and the Texas Verdict Hall of Fame

Beth Klein Boulder opened her own law firm in 1999. One of her first cases was a class action against American Cemwood for defective roof that affected thousands of Colorado homeowners. This case started with neighbors in Boulder County Colorado, and it grew to a state-wide class.  Beth Klein Boulder brought the only successful automobile coverage PIP enhanced benefits class action against American Family Insurance in District Court in Boulder, Colorado. The result of this class action was that 27,000 automobile policies in Colorado were ordered to conform to the law. Thousands of Coloradans benefited from improved coverage that applied retroactively and complied with Colorado law.  Her case, Kirk v. Continental was the largest PIP bad faith case in the history of Colorado.  Her verdicts average in the seven figures.

When she founded her Boulder office, Beth Klein decided that she would use law to improve lives. She began tackling the injustices of human trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable people. She passionately represents exploited and victimized people in civil court, and works to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered. From her Boulder office, Beth Klein has written law for states and governments around the world – for free.

Beth Klein has taken on cases against military contractors committing trafficking crimes abroad, in both war and conflict zones. After the surge in Iraq, Beth Klein accepted the cases of Dawson v. Fluor which in 2012 was voted as “Case of the Year” by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

Beth Klein Boulder Woman of the Year

Beth Klein was selected as one of the “500 Leading Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in the United States” by Lawdragon, an honor she shares along with multiple recognition as a “Superlawyer” in the state of Colorado. Beth is also a past recipient of the Women’s eNews 21 Leaders Award for her work as an advocate for the enslaved, as well as for writing one of the most effective anti-trafficking laws, pro bono. In 2010, More Magazine named her as one of the “50 Women That You Want On Your Side,” an honor she shared alongside Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey, among other prominent female leaders. That same year, Beth served on the steering committee of Demand Abolition, an advocacy organization that seeks to dramatically reduce the demand for sex trafficking and commercial sex in the United States. She is also a past recipient of the Georgia Imhoff Philanthropy and Activism Award, and is a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America.

The IndieFlix Empowerment Project Documentary featured Beth Klein.  This documentary asked the question, “What would you do if you were not afraid to fail?”  It featured women pioneers who created something new.

Beth Klein and the Empowerment Projects Production Team

In a major blow to human traffickers, Beth wrote the 2010 and 2011 Anti-Human Trafficking laws for Colorado, Texas, and many other states. These laws focus on common practices of human traffickers—such as their coercion of victims into becoming prostitutes or forcing them to become domestic slaves—and allow trafficking victims to sue for three times the amount of damages and attorney’s fees. In Colorado alone, Beth has built a coalition of more than 500 individuals, professionals and non-governmental organizations who share her passion to end human trafficking.

Beth Klein Boulder Anti-Human Trafficking Law Signing

In addition to developing legislation, Beth has also created a trial training program to hone lawyers’ skills in dealing with the complexities of human trafficking. Her program has been instrumental in helping fellow lawyers navigate through Fourth Amendment intricacies, complex evidence and difficult witness issues. A talented instructor, Beth returned to the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver—this time to teach—and has also taught at the University of Colorado School of Law. She is a sought-after lecturer on witness prosecution, trial design, class action structure, and complex litigation.

Boulder Attorney Beth Klein brought suit against a reckless contractor who severely injured a United States citizen during the surge in Iraq. In order to prosecute this case, Beth had to locate witnesses in Iraq, negotiate with the emerging Iraqi government to permit its citizens to testify, and to navigate ICE and Homeland Security to secure the testimony. The trail resulted in a $19 Million verdict. After the completion of the case, Beth Klein successfully brought the witnesses and their entire families from Erbil, Iraq to the United States to live for the rest of their lives. These brave Iraqi Christians were responsible for holding contractors accountable for endangering people in Iraq. They are true heroes, and they now live away from the threat of ISIS and near certain death. This case won Case of the Year.

Beth Klein Boulder named on of the 12 Women of Influence in Colorado – Denver Post

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney consulted for free on a human trafficking trial in Dallas which garnered a $7 million award, and she will prosecute civil cases against traffickers and their enablers in the upcoming years.

After the earthquake in Haiti, Beth Klein worked with the US Military, State Department, and hundreds of families who had adopted a child in Haiti. Beth Klein spearheaded a national effort to bring children to waiting parents in the United States.

In her office in Boulder Colorado, many of her cases involve the representation of children who are victims of sexual assault. She is personally committed to ensuring that her child clients have a voice and receive support and compensation to platform their future. Beth Klein also represents clients in wrongful death, products liability, and bike, ski, motorcycle, car and truck accidents.