The “Dossier” Testimony

I have been following the GPS/Simpson Dossier matters with great interest.  Here is a link to the Senate “Dossier Testimony.”  This was released by Senator Dianne Feinstein after the Democrats were not consulted on the criminal referral against former British spy and Fusion GPS investigator Christopher Steele.  Simpson touched on a wide array of topics in […]

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Beth Klein Nabs Case Of The Year Award

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney Nabs Case Of The Year Award When faced with international travel, reluctant witnesses and a behemoth defendant, most attorneys turned down David Dawson’s case. Most attorneys except Beth Klein of Boulder law firm Klein & Frank, who received the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Case of the Year Award for her work […]

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Lawyer Marketing Lows & Woes

Every week or so I get a report from Google on the terms that are used to search for me and my firm. Apparently, the phrases “Beth Klein Boulder” “Beth Klein Attorney”  and “Beth Klein Boulder Attorney” and “Beth Klein Attorney Boulder “are searched so often that several advertising lawyers bid on pay per click […]

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Trump and Human Trafficking

Even birds that are free to fly, cage them and they shall cry. 70% of all slavery exists in only 12 countries because laws are not enforced and traffickers operate with impunity.  Now we have the political will to fight it.  A global disciplined slavery fund and shared effort to end human trafficking with the […]

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Now that you are aware

It is great to see people being politically aware and involved.    I thought I would share  what state legislatures are doing to solve critical problems. Starting with Montana (from  This is not a joke. These are real bills, and they are currently taking priority in the Montana legislature over anything legitimate that would create jobs […]

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Nostalgia and Desire to Help Again

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney and the “Haiti 80” kempe_chronicles_spring2010 With the January 12 devastating earthquake in Haiti, the call went out for mental health professionals who could volunteer their time to help transport Haitian orphans to their adoptive parents waiting in the U.S. One of Kempe’s newest Board members, Beth Klein, literally worked around the […]

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