The Siren Destroyer of Corporateness

It is no secret that I am a fan of Jaron Lanier.  I read his work and the works of his critics.    Jaron is one of the world’s great polymaths. He’s a computer scientist, composer, visual artist, and the author of a new book, Who Owns the Future?, published last month There are very few people…

Be Safe

In my travels I have noticed that Americans say “be safe” or “safe travels.” I don’t hear this language in other cultures. I wonder why Americans say this? Any thoughts?

Lead on my son

As we march through our lives experiencing the roles of child, parent, grandparent we may forget that partnership and co leadership is possible between the generations to make a world that works for all. Fifty years ago a war was snuffing the lives of the young and assassins were killing voices of equality, Martin Luther…


My friend and mentor, Michael Jensen defines “integrity” as what it takes for a person to be whole and complete in that they honor their word.  Honoring one’s word means keeping our word, and on time; or as soon as we know that we won’t keep our word, we inform all parties counting on us…


Ask lawyers, your lawyer, the judges who decide your fate. Do you understand integrity?