Huckleberry Finn

Done. Another transformative writing completed. This was not the carefree story I recall as a child. Maybe I only read Tom Sawyer. HF is a dark comedy of murder, abuse and the horrors of slavery written through the eyes of a 14 year old nearly illiterate and gullible boy. The moral dilemmas of whether to free a friend or be caught freeing a slave are unthinkable. But the threads of this inhumanity live large in MAGA Land.

A story of a boy beaten by a drunk father so much that the boy stages his death to escape the abuse. Helpless women with no rights or power look on or are duped by pretend kings and dukes. Feuds kill the young and promising. Tom Sawyer is an incompetent posing as a sophisticate — who delays Jim’s right to freedom with silly and fake prisoner escape plans.

As a child I focused on the river and now the injustices jump out. Calling for a solution

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