Proteus Chapter 3

Some say this is the most difficult chapter in Ulysses, and I agree based upon the tens of cases I have read so far. The writing is stream of consciousness of philosophy, student life in Paris (in French) and a dog on a beach. There is no action, but for the sand in the beach sucking Stephen’s feet into the water and shells and muck and the dog’s antics.

Galleys of Lochlanns ran here to the beach, in quest of prey, their blood beaked prows rising low on a Milton pewter surf. Dane Vikings, tores of tomahawks a glitter on their breasts when Malachi wore the collar of gold. A school of turtlehide whales stranded in hot moon, spouting, hobbling in the shallows.

Page 45

Famous people talk about Ulysses and claim they love it. They drop the famous quotes. “Snotgreen sea” and the first paragraph about Buck Mulligan in a “yellow dressing gown” from Chapter 1. No one quotes from Chapter 3. I don’t know if they actually the book.

Stream of consciousness modernism writing is a chore. It takes time and re-reading.

Now onto Chapter 4 where the hero Bloom is introduced frying kidneys and toasting bread for his wife who is having and affair. A cat is Bloom’s companion.

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