Un-Breaking America

Beth Klein Boulder Attorney Blog

America is locked a cycle of argument that is breaking the possibility of a future where it is safe to go to school, to worship, to gather and to live freely because of gun violence.

Incalculable amounts of time and resources are invested in points of view as the truth.  Uni-dimensional points of view are touted as the truth and forced on others in CAPS and memes.  Guns kill people! No people kill people!  It’s about the bullets!  It’s about the magazine size!  It’s about mental health!  It’s because God is not in schools!  It’s the NRA!  Its President!  It’s the Congress!  None of these points are view are the truth.  They are all false choices.  No problem is solved through singular thinking or “my way.”

It will take the hearts and commitment of 300 million American’s to stop the cycle of violence.   What will it take to bring 300 million together?   Can we agree to look at an outcome?  Can we join together with all of our points of view and stop the body count in America?  What will be our context to create a solution?

Let’s step back and examine the validity of what we already ‘know’ and say about guns and the 2nd Amendment and in what way that ‘knowing’ may constrain, shape, and distort skills, cognitive capacities and solutions that would otherwise be available to us.

In the following weeks, I will post interviews with lots of people talking about this issue and growing the context in which solutions can be placed into action.    I hope you will follow, and if you would like to be in an interview, please contact me.



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  1. mary beth mcallister says:

    thank you Beth for your clarity. I have not known you to “take a side” but to plead the truth. thank you mb

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