Do you walk around life like you need a cup of coffee each day or do you live life like you can produce any future you chose as you live one life and the life you want and the life you live are one in the same and that you have the ability to make a dent in the world just as Elon Musk or Steve Jobs or Mahatma Ghandi or Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. Who has given you inspiration? Who do you look up to in life and wish to make your mentor for the future you live into? Make sure that you have your own MENTOR in LIFE or HERO that you look up to and relate to who has impacted the world.

Write a statement about your life. I am talking about a statement about your life that when you actually read it, you become alive and feel what you are now choosing to yourself responsible for. Now, responsibility has to be a choice. Some people fear responsibility. Leaders who choose to make a dent in the universe thrive on responsibility. Responsibility can only be Chosen. Accountability can be given, but responsibility is a choice you make.

For example, whenever it was the end of the game and the Chicago Bulls were down, Michael Jordan always made absolutely certain that the ball was in his hands because he chose to be responsible for making the basket and determining the future outcome of the game for the Chicago Bulls. This is what I am talking about. Do you fear responsibility or do you live for it. Do you see yourself as someone capable of creating a future? Do you choose to be Michael Jordan or your own hero or do you get nervous being responsible. FYI, when you actually say that you choose it, even though I may be nervous, you will actually live into it and the fear will start melting away once you have created a habit of saying your daily statement outlaid.

I choose to be responsible for a world where everyone has a chance to live their best life. This looks like I stand up for equality. I stand up for safety, health and education of all people. I stand against fear and hate every day. I stand up for the rule of law. I listen to my adversaries and I find common ground. I am not afraid to listen to and work through ideas with whom I disagree. I work with all people to create a better life for as many people as possible. I find that I only know one part of the puzzle, and in collaboration, there are solutions that we all can embrace.

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