Daily Letter to Trump | Day 3

man-in-the-arena-columns_origThe broken puzzle.

As we move through life we become masters in a realm. We have understanding and experience in that realm, and it is comfortable. Perhaps the realm becomes automatic and we become complacent. One of my friends used to say “mastery makes mischief.” For me, the political realm I thought I understood is nothing more than a broken puzzle, the pieces are in confusion, and nothing is recognizable right now including my role.

Today, I heard that being “on the court” means allowing everyone to be in their own exploration and expression. To stop controlling or coaching the expression of others. Controlling the expression of others is simply a “point of view.” Point of view is always generated from the past in the context of agreement. We look for evidence from the past that a future is possible instead of simply creating an unconstrained future and being in action. Nothing happens off the Court.

It reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt who gave the “Man in the Arena Speech” in Paris. It is not the critic who counts; it the man who does the deeds who knows the triumph and the failure.

I am reminded that the critics are many, and the doers are few. I chose to be a doer.

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